Network Science Laboratory | Maria Ercsey-Ravasz | TINS

The Network Science Lab and its mission

The human brain contains approximately 86 billions of neurons, each of them forming possibly tens of thousands of synapses. This huge and complex network makes it possible for us to perceive and explore the world, to think, feel, decide and act. Understanding the human brain is impossible without applying complex network studies. These studies must start first at the higher level of the functional areas.

In this lab we are interested in:

  • Structural brain networks: the inter-areal network of the brain;
    • The exponential distance rule (EDR) model and how much of the network’s properties it can explain
    • Comparison of these networks between species (mouse, macaque, rat)

  • Functional networks: extracted from the dynamics of different areas through measuring different types of correlations
    • How does alcoholism affect our brain? Comparing functional networks may give us answers where the main changes appear